The next Brighton Java event will be held at the Skiff on Wednesday 5th September. We have an evening of talks featuring Tom Hume talking about super-optimisers, James Burt on software maintenance and Nick Doyle from Crunch speaking on Continuous Integration. Doors are open from 7:30pm and drinks will be provided. There is no need … Continue reading Super-optimisers, Software Maintenance and Continuous Integration

Subversion or git? Idea, netbeans or eclipse? Ant or maven? Jenkins or Hudson? Struts or spring? The world of Java development offers a wide range of tools and working out which one to use can be a nightmare. Brighton Java’s November session will be a structured discussion of Java tools. Which do you use? Which … Continue reading What do you use?

Steve Lillywhite presents some real world Grails knowledge, including how you can write succinct code to look up domain objects, the ease of using and customising plug-ins, robust security and how to manage performance and scaling. For Grails novices there will be also be a brief introduction by David Pashley. Doors are open from 7pm … Continue reading Grails in Action! with Steve Lillywhite

The next Brighton Java session is on August 7th at the Skiff from 7pm onwards, and will be an introduction to the Scala programming language: Dave Gurnell and Richard Dallaway present a brief introduction to Scala – a powerful programming language for the JVM. In the talk, the speakers introduce Scala from a Java programmer’s perspective, and … Continue reading An Introduction to Scala

This month’s session features two talks from Brighton company Semantico. Toby Cole, a Technical Architect at Semantico, will be talking about the Apache Solr search engine and how it can be used to recommend content. George MacRorie, Java Web Developer for Semantico, is a recent graduate of the University of Sussex. He will be talking … Continue reading Semantico presents: Solr and Go

t’s time for another Brighton Java meeting. This month we are going to have a couple of talks looking at testing and how to make your tests better and more fun to produce. The Perfect Unit Test Unit testing is an essential part of a software developer’s toolkit, but they’re tricky to get right. James … Continue reading Better Testing

An evening of short talks from the staff of Crunch: • James Burt: “Solving poetry with Java” • Laurence Barry: “Agile: Mad, Bad, and Dangerous” • Andrew Walters: “Hazelcast: Distributed Computing, Simplified” Brighton Java returns with an evening of talks about problems with agile, the open source Hazelcast platform, and building robots to enter poetry slams. Doors open … Continue reading ‘Crunch Presents’ Talks evening