What do you use?

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Subversion or git? Idea, netbeans or eclipse? Ant or maven? Jenkins or Hudson? Struts or spring? The world of Java development offers a wide range of tools and working out which one to use can be a nightmare. Brighton Java’s November session will be a structured discussion of Java tools. Which do you use? Which do you hate? What do other people recommend?

The evening will feature a short presentation on Heroku by David Pashley. Refreshments will be provided – please sign-up on the Meetup page so that we have an idea of numbers.

David Pashley: Heroku and You

Heroku is a cloud provider with a difference. You don’t need a sysadmin to manange your services. All you need to do is to git push your code to their service and they take care of the rest. In this talk David will demonstrate how to set up a standard Spring project to run on Heroku in five minutes.

If you’d like to give a short 10-15 minute demonstration on a tool that makes your development easier, please get in touch.