June event recap and details for July


We had a packed June meeting, with a presentation by Richard Dallaway on Java 8 Lambdas. There is a screen/audio recording of the session on the Underscore Consulting blog, with the source code used available for download.

The next session features talks on Vagrant and technical interviews. Signup details are on the meetup site.

Thank you to everyone involved in the session – the Skiff for providing the venue and to Brandwatch for

May Event: Detecting events on the real-time web

A week or so back, Brandwatch came to Brighton Java to present an event on Detecting Events on the Realtime Web. James Stanier gave a brief introduction to the scale of the problems Brandwatch works with, sifting realtime data on the web against tens of thousands of client queries. If you’d like to see what was discussed, the slides are available for download: Brighton Java talk.



And there was pizza! Thank you to James, Brandwatch, to the Skiff for providing our venue and to everyone who came. Hope to see you at the next event, which covers functional programming in Java 8.


Requirements for the hands-on Android session

Our next Brighton Java session will be a hands-on Android session. Full details are on the meetup page.

The software requirements for the session are:

  • Android SDK (levels 14 – 18). Preferably so it looks like this:

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.51.18

  • Android SDK can be downloaded here : http://developer.android.com/sdk/index.html
  • Git – the session will involve running an example project – if anyone ever gets stuck they can just checkout the next step branch
  • An IDE – Paul will demonstrate in IntelliJ 12.1.5 – AndroidStudio is fine , Eclipse is ok.


Notes from An introduction to Scala

We had our busiest evening yet, with 23 people turning up to hear Dave Gurnell and Richard Dallaway from Underscore talk about functional programming with Scala.

Slides from the talk

Slides on Github

Dave and Richard made a sample app that they wrote in Java and Scala for comparison
purposes but didn’t end up using in the talk. You can check it out from Github.

Links mentioned:

August 7th: An Introduction to Scala

The next Brighton Java session is on August 7th at the Skiff from 7pm onwards, and will be an introduction to the Scala programming language:

Dave Gurnell and Richard Dallaway from Underscore present a brief introduction to Scala – a powerful programming language for the JVM. In the talk, the speakers introduce Scala from a Java programmer’s perspective, and show how its support for object-oriented and functional programming styles can provide a smooth transition to greater productivity and code reliability.

As usual, we’ll be open from 7 for drinks and chat, with the talks starting a little after 7:30pm. Beer and snacks have been kindly provided by CodingCraft. We’re open to people of all abilities and especially welcome any first-timers.

If you’re coming along, please sign-up at the meetup page so that we know how much beer to buy!